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    Car Accessories & Products

    All Car Accessories From One SourceParts manufactured by different companies may not fit together because of differences in size and shape. Therefore potentially hurting the aesthetical outcome or the ability to install new accessories if the same hooking points are used. That is why we have made it our mission to offer a wide range of possibilities to protect the exterior of your vehicle.

    We Know The Importance of AestheticsOur vehicle accessories' signature Scandinavian minimalism is eye-catching and will help you pursue new clients. Employees carry out their work faster and more efficiently if their tools offer aesthetic pleasure in addition to high functionality.
    Van with Metec's accessories attached to it.

    01 Our strenghts

    Quick and Secure Installation
    Our accessories are firmly attached to the vehicle; they can withstand vibrations and smaller collisions.

    The products are precision-manufactured, which ensures their perfect fit for your vehicle.

    All products are provided with model-based mounting kits and easy-to-understand installation manuals.

    It is not necessary to make new openings in your vehicle’s original parts or change them in any way.

    The installation only requires basic tools.
    Quality Materials and Performance
    All visible and invisible product parts are as corrosion-resistant as the vehicle itself.

    The stainless steel alloy contains chrome and nickel - it does not peel off and it is possible to restore the product’s original gloss at a later date.

    Warranty up to 6 years.
    Many Additional Features
    Thanks to various universal adapters, it is possible to attach a range of additional lighting solutions or other parts that need stable mounting.

    The products are available in a range of surface finishes.
    Controlled Safety
    The products are developed in accordance with EU regulations and are tested by independent laboratories and have certificates of compliance.
    Availability of Spare Parts
    Metec's products are designed so parts with a higher risk of damage or wear can be replaced individually.

    02 Product Families



    With the help of car accessories developed by Metec, drivers are able to see the road or work area better in low-visibility conditions, helping them react to the dangers they may see along the way. Making the vehicle more visible for fellow road users also helps to prevent collisions.
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    This does not only apply to areas near the Arctic circle, where drivers are required to work in pitch darkness for half the year. Instances of mist, rain, or snow that impair visibility are familiar to drivers in any country. Even those drivers in sunny southern states that do not travel to countries with worse driving conditions find extra lighting to be necessary – the roads and motorways in densely populated areas are simply so busy during daylight hours that drivers may feel they lack a choice and are forced to drive in the evening or at night. And some work just needs to be done at night or “no matter the time,” whenever it is needed. Metec develops and produces solutions for the quick and stable installation of additional lighting on your vehicle for many purposes.


    • Made from strong stainless pipe profiles for stable installation of the lamps.
    • Installation is done based on the model - no need to drill or weld; only ordinary tools are required for installation.

    Car Accessories

    • VAN
    • TRUCK
    • 4x4
      • Rooftop lamp holders
        Typically, lamps are attached to the roof for long-distance or work vehicles. Depending on the chosen type of lamp, it is possible to install 1-8 additional light sources. It is also possible to install flashing or other additional elements, such as horns, advertising plates etc.
      • Lamp holders under the windshield
        These products are suitable for use in road maintenance and roadwork machines that need good illumination up to 5 m in front of the vehicle.
      • Lamp holders on the front bumper
        If you need to travel long distances on roads where you rarely encounter oncoming traffic, the best place to install extra lights might be the area vehicle’s two original headlights.
      • Lamp holders on the back of the cab
        Additional light may also be necessary at the back of the vehicle, in order to carry out loading operations in the dark. This product is suitable for logging or platform trucks, or vehicles with a load box.
      • With quickly mountable LED mouldings, you can improve the visibility of your vehicle from all angles. Available with white, yellow, and red lights, but can also be integrated into interconnected profiles of different length. Suitable for both 12V and 24V electrical systems. The profiles come in three different lengths that can be connected together in one molding to make it as long as you need.
      • There are historical preferences for lighting brands that have emerged in every country. As a result, we do not assemble our products together with light sources in our factory. However, as light sources are increasingly integrated into products to achieve better visual and aerodynamic effects, we have partnerships with various lighting manufacturers. That is why we stock a range of well-priced, high-quality lighting solutions in our range.
      • Metec’s front bars are differentiated from many of their competitors’ products through their stable and sturdy mounting on the vehicle's body structure. The product mounting time may therefore be a bit longer, but secure mounting prevents vibrations that in the long run can damage other parts of your vehicle and simultaneously provides a stable base to attach extra lights.
      • EUROBAR
        In most EU countries, the legislature has set technical requirements for additional structures attached to the front of vehicles with a gross weight of less than 3,5 tonnes. The purpose of the regulation is to reduce the risk of injury in the case of a collision between a vehicle and pedestrian. All Metec's Euro bars undergo dynamic tests on that ensure deformation remaining below the permissible values. To achieve this, Metec uses a different solution to that of its competitors, at the core of which are patented energy-absorbing fasteners. Under typical conditions, this element is sturdy enough to ensure stable mounting. When impacted from a particular direction, however, it absorbs the impact energy and thereby reduces the damage on both sides of the collision.
        In certain places, including EU states, there is controversy over whether the emphasis should be on limiting the consequences of an accident or instead on avoiding them altogether. Based on this reasoning, there should be as much lighting on roads as possible so that drivers can react in a timely manner. As such, in areas where drivers often need to navigate in darkness or low-visibility conditions, structures are used that allow the mounting of extra lights. Many road users need to travel through areas with bad or even non-existent roads in their professional and personal lives, and in such conditions, it is important to have additional protection for your vehicle body, to limit the amount of damage to your vehicle in the case of an unexpected collision so that the vehicle is not immobilized.


    Metec manufactures car accessories that aid vehicle entry and exit for heavy goods transport or in the case of mobility impairment or disability.
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    The undercarriage (as well as the cabin interior) of many vehicles can be raised quite high to provide better clearance. However, both people and goods need easy access to enter the vehicle. Major height differences may cause problems for the elderly, people with mobility disabilities, or operators of heavy goods transport vehicles. In bad weather conditions (rain, ice), in particular, there is a serious risk of slippage and suffering various injuries when entering or exiting the vehicle. Even under ordinary circumstances, climbing into an elevated cab on a daily basis can lead to chronic pain in the spine and joints in the future. Metec’s product range includes an increasingly large number of products that ease vehicle access and reduce the risk of injury and chronic conditions.


    • Adjustable installation height between the ground level and vehicle floor.
    • Slip-resistant surface profiles.

    Car Accessories

    • VAN
    • TRUCK
    • 4x4
      • Vehicles with a tow bar
        The range includes narrower and wider boards, and one- and two-foot steps that are suitable for installation on all 2- or 4-bolt flange ball-type tow bars, regardless of the producer. Does not obstruct trailer attachment.
      • Vehicles without a tow bar
        The range includes narrower and wider boards, and one- and two-foot steps that are supplied with a model-based installation kit.
      • VAN-Tour
        We manufacture 3 standard-sized stainless steel running boards. With the model-based fastenings, the boards can be combined for either the front or both doors, and for one or both sides of the car.
      • Tour
        Strong, 76-mm stainless steel pipe steps that can fit the entire foot. With the firmly and rigidly attached running board, an adult man can find a sufficiently secure hold to remain in place even when the vehicle is moving at low speed.


    Metec develops car accessories that help expand your vehicle’s practicality, including the capability of transporting goods and the ability to use your vehicle for various tasks.
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    When purchasing a vehicle, none of us can foresee who, what, and under what conditions we would want to move from one point to another in the future. Instead of buying or renting a new vehicle for a new and unexpected task, a good alternative is to extend your vehicle’s functionality through the installation of accessories.


    • Installation is done based on the model - no need to drill or weld; only ordinary tools are required for installation.
    • In simple cases the installation can be done in 5 minutes, while for more complex cases, installation should take no more than 1 hour.

    Car Accessories

    • VAN
    • TRUCK
    • 4x4
      • We are one of the few manufacturers that use corrosion-resistant stainless steel. We also differentiate ourselves from the competition with our slip-resistant product and the quick mounting of our ladders. Additional accessories for goods transport or to carry out work can be attached to the side of the ladder.
    • SKI RACK
      • The stainless steel-profile ski rack can be quickly attached to a ladder using a quick-release system. The racks can store up to 8 snowboards and/or pairs of alpine skis. Loading and removing skis from the rack is quick and is therefore suitable for transport over short distances, such as between a hotel and the ski lift.
      • Although there are many competitors and solutions already on the market, we hope to offer our customers something new and unique. One distinguishing feature is the use of stainless steel as the main structural material, due to its extreme durability and weatherproof nature.
    • TOW BARS
      • Metec develops and manufactures flange ball-type tow bars and hooks for all pickup- and van-type vehicles (and other vehicles with a sufficient production volume). All hooks have proper e-type approvals.
      • Flange ball-type tow hooks
        Flange ball-type hooks are attached to the base frame using either 2 or 4 bolts. Our base frame structures are highly optimized and do not use excess material, meaning that their production and sales costs are lower. In addition, our hooks have better corrosion resistance and a better finish than many of our competitors.
      • Electrical kits
        We also provide all essential electrical connection sets. Our range includes universal kits for both 12 and 24V systems. For some vehicles, we offer model-based kits that will take less time to connect to the vehicle’s electrical system.
      • Metec manufactures diagonal and V-type snowploughs for pickup-type vehicles that can be used to provide public services. The advantage that Metec ploughs have is their low weight, quick mounting, quick-release system for attachment to the vehicle, and the wireless plough control located in the vehicle cabin.
      • V-type plough
        Both sides of the V-type plough can be controlled simultaneously and can be quickly adjusted to suit work conditions


    The protective vehicle accessories help prevent or reduce damage to the vehicle itself in the event of minor collisions.
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    Everyone who has been involved in a vehicle collision knows how expensive vehicle repairs can be. Even removing small dents can cost a quarter to a third of the vehicle’s value. Admittedly, most of this is paid by the insurance company. However, the vehicle owner is still left to pay the excess. In addition, your vehicle will be in the repair shop for a long time, and during this time, you will need to find a replacement vehicle. This can also incur additional costs. And depending on who was responsible for the accident, any insurance claim can make your vehicle insurance more expensive in the following period. Therefore, it may be advisable to mount additional protective elements for those vehicle body parts that are more at risk of damage. Metec designs products that absorb some of the impact energy and reduce or prevent damage to your vehicle. In the event of a smaller collision, all that is needed is to replace the protective element that has been damaged (has fulfilled its task), meaning you can avoid replacing the more expensive original car parts, often limiting repairs only to the paintwork.


    • Made from corrosion-resistant materials (stainless steel or aluminium)
    • Installation is done based on the model - no need to drill or weld; only ordinary tools are required for installation.

    Car Accessories

    • VAN
    • TRUCK
    • 4x4
      • Strong and lightweight aluminium protection for your engine and other parts underneath your vehicle. Essential for everyone travelling off-road or on uneven roads so that your vehicle is not immobilised in the event of an unexpected impact.
      • Engine protection
      • Parts protection
      • Products made from stainless steel piping protect your bumper from failure due to impacts with kerbs, snowdrifts, or other obstacles on the road. It is also possible to integrate LED daytime running lights into the bumper protection.
      • Truck drivers often need to visit relatively unpopulated areas with a contrasting abundance of creatures that prefer to live singly or in herds and which do not know much about traffic codes or dangers. If you are suddenly faced with a “large obstacle” weighing more than a ton, or instead with dozens of smaller obstacles, you should think about preserving your life and your vehicle’s continued mobility. Larger protective structures are specifically designed to protect the vehicle’s assemblies against such unexpected and unavoidable encounters, and also help to reduce the financial damage that your vehicle might suffer. The individual parts of Metec’s front protective bars can be replaced if damaged, making it far cheaper than replacing the entire structure.
      • Stainless steel sidebars dissipate the energy from smaller side impacts. Available for all car types—4x4s, vans, and trucks. It is possible to integrate lamps into the pipes, making your vehicle more visible to road users approaching from the side.
      • BRACE-IT sidebars
      • Heavy-Duty sidebars
      • Rear bumper protective cover
        The protective cover is made from a stainless steel profile sheet and is much more resistant to wear and tear than the car’s own plastic bumper. In addition, it dissipates impact energy and will prevent the bumper from failing if something falls on the bumper during transport. It is attached directly to the original bumper with strong and weather-resistant double-sided tape. Fast installation.
      • Tailgate protective cover
        Pickup-type vehicles often need to transport goods that are longer than the car’s cargo area. Typically, these goods are supported on the edge of the vehicle’s tailgate, or the tailgate is opened and lowered during transport. In both cases, the tailgate is subjected to loads that the vehicle’s designers did not initially consider. For these situations, Metec has developed a stainless steel protective cover that, upon installation, doubles the thickness of the tailgate’s materials and which provides you with a wear-resistant surface that you can drag various goods across if they are too heavy to lift.
      • The stainless steel roll bar will protect your truck and its occupants in case of a roll over, while also giving your truck a new tougher look.
      • Roll bars
      • Protection grill


    Wheel discs improve the vehicle’s aerodynamic qualities and reduce fuel costs. Wheel discs are mandatory for certain types of vehicles in order to ensure greater road safety.


    • All product details and attachment elements are made from stainless steel.
    • All visible surfaces are polished to a high gloss.

    Car Accessories

    • VAN
    • TRUCK
    • 4x4
      • Metec’s wheel covers can be distinguished from many of our competitors’ products through the material and higher-quality performance. Covers are available for different rim diameters and heights, as well as different wheel bolts. The customer’s logo may also be stamped or otherwise embossed in the centre of the cover. If there is sufficient production demand, we can manufacture wheel covers in various sizes and shapes.
      • Bolt ring covers
        The fastenings for Metec’s bolt ring cover discs are bolted directly to the disc, which prevents the disc from coming loose (most of our competitors use spot welding in the same place, making the risk of failure under various conditions much greater than when bolted). The disc and fastening materials are sufficiently thick and strong to ensure a long life expectancy.
      • Rear axle covers
        Rear axle covers are manufactured in different sizes depending on how much the axle extends from the centre of the rim. The pattern on the side of the disc can be changed according to the client’s wishes.
      • Wheel nut caps
        We have the tools and technology required to manufacture stainless steel, high-gloss wheel nut covers. If your estimated requirement is 10,000 or more pieces per year, ask for a quote.


    In addition to our main products, our product range also contains several other items that you can use to improve your vehicle's or accessories' functionality and aesthetics.

    Car Accessories

    • VAN
    • TRUCK
    • 4x4
      • Should you have 3 or 8, round or square, large or small lamps? Every customer has a justifiable opinion about which combination will best meet their needs. In order to allow the quick and sturdy integration of all types of lighting sources to the product, Metec has developed a complete family of mounting elements. The same accessories can successfully be used to attach all other possible elements. Unlike many of our competitors’ products, Metec clips come in one piece (pre-mounting) which means that installing extra lighting or other elements is made easier (you do not need to work out how to simultaneously hold countless loose parts in your hands).
      • If you want to personalise every last detail of you vehicle, you can find stainless steel number plate holders in our product range as well. These are supplied with a plastic number plate base as well. For larger orders, it is possible to include the client’s logo or other important text by using laser cutting or engraving.
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