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    RENAULT T serie 21 -

    Roof lamp holder | high roof - 862301

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    Roof lamp holder | high roof
    cable for 5 lights
    5 clamp type holders
    4 white LEDs
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    Weight kg 10.3
    Material AISI304
    Material main dimension mm 60
    Surface treatment Polished
    Fitting time min 40
    Product confirmity   Products are valid according to UNECE R26/R61 legislation.


    Number of light fitting points tk 5 clamp type holders
    Cabeling cable for 5 lights
    Max. width of lights mm 245


    With the help of car accessories developed by Metec, drivers are able to see the road or work area better in low-visibility conditions, helping them react to the dangers they may see along the way. Making the vehicle more visible for fellow road users also helps to prevent collisions.


    • Made from strong stainless pipe profiles for stable installation of the lamps.
    • Installation is done based on the model - no need to drill or weld; only ordinary tools are required for installation.
    • Large selection of fastening details for quick attachment of lanterns of every possible type and any manufacturer.
    • Products are prewired, reducing the time needed for an electric connection.
    • Products have integrated LED spotlights to improve vehicle visibility.
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