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    Be ready for snow with a Metec V- or D-snowplow!

    V and D plow sets with model-specific adapters in stock and ready for quick delivery!

    Be ready for snow and ask for an offer today! E-mail: sales@metec.ee or call +3725278878.

    D-plow (888801) is ideal for the home user. The plow has electric turning and lifting.

    V-plow (888809) is a more serious tool most suited for a service provider. The plow has hydraulic lifting and individual blade turning possibility.

    The car used for plowing snow can be turned into a work car or everyday vehicle in 2-3 minutes with simple effort. We have designed the plow attachment adapters for quick and easy plow on-off release. If necessary, we also help with organizing of the installation.

    Both plows are operated via a Wi-Fi remote control, which is simple and logical to use. In addition, it means that there are no wires to run through the cabin, and the installation is faster and cheaper.

    Metec snowplow sets in stock today for models: Hilux, Ranger, Amarok, L200, D-Max, Navara.

    Dont hesitate to ask about other make and models, there is a solution for almost everything!

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