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Lazer lights integrated into tubes

We have had roofbars with integrated LED´s for some time now in our lineup. Now we have developed further the concept and reached to the next mark – integrating Lazer lights to the product. Lazer lights are popular and well know all over Europe and this was the reason to change to Lazer Linear 18. Lights also have all the necessary E markings.

We have this product for following makes and models – Mercedes-Benz Actros (Giga roof, Big roof) Volvo FH (Globetrotter XL, Globetrotter), Scania R, S, G and P (low roof and normal, high roof). Coming also soon to new MAN TGX.

Why choose this product over traditional lightbar? Simply due to environment. Using this product will make minimal difference to fuel consumption due to the fact, that these are much more aerodynamic. And of course, these look different and much sleeker on the cab. Giving distinctive look to your vehicle but the same lightning power as with traditional lights.






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